5 Best PHP Frameworks of 2015

Best PHP Frameworks

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages of modern time. It is a server side scripting language that has created a storm in programming world. Today majority of websites are developed with PHP including Facebook.  PHP has been used by almost all modern web developers all over the world due to its simplicity, efficiency and fast development.

What is PHP framework & Why?

PHP frameworks make web development easy. PHP Framework is a basic platform made up of PHP language that allows us to develop applications. In other words, it provides structure that we can customize easily to create specific applications. PHP frameworks are powerful ways for building high-performing web applications in less time. The best way to create a website is molding these frameworks to your web development needs.

These are Best 5 PHP framework of 2015.

1. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is one of the oldest and best PHP frameworks. The leading framework was created by Ellislab. It was free to use under MIT license. It was launched in year 2006. It is still one of the first choices of PHP developers due to its super excellence in speed and easiness for web development. CodeIgniter uses MVC approach and it has commonly used rich set of libraries with no restrictive coding rules. Its configuration process is very easy, you download the file unzip it and you are good to go.

2. Laravel

Laravel is really the best PHP framework for large scale web application development. Laravel users get easily get support from a big community. Laravel comes with templating engine. The engine is named as “blade”. It gives you liberty to write PHP inside the given templates.  Thus you can create high performing web applications with no overheads. “Homestead” is a powerful tool for development of this framework. You can make applications without installing web server or PHP anywhere like on your local computer or server. Laravel team has added “Lumen” in the main framework.

3. Cake PHP

Cake PHp framework is choice of modern PHP developers. The latest version of it is filled up with awesome features. The worth to mention enhancements are neat and clean session management, ORM improvements and many more. CakePHP 3.0, the latest version is released with increased modularity. Now you can create standalone libraries quite comfortably.  New tools are added like PSR-0, PSR-1 and composer.

4. Symphony

Symphony is best for complex web application. It is crafted with elegance. Symphony used components like Drupal, Ez Publish and phpBB. Over 1,000,000 download till date gives an insight about the popularity of this framework. A huge community of Symphony fans is growing day by day .It will be the favorite Framework in the forthcoming years.

5. Zend

Zend framework comes up with next generation features like cryptographic and secure coding tools. Now you can make web app development projects fast and in a flawless manner. Zend framework is a choice of PHP developers due to its modularity and extensibility. A big and valuable community is ready to help you all the time. Zend’s development team ensures that framework is robust, complete and stable all the time for any kind of web application.

These PHP frameworks will help you to create quality web applications fast.

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