5 Mistakes Developers make During Their Job Search

Job Searching Mistakes

If you love programming and have a passion towards software development you must know your skill set. Real programmers sure get good jobs in their own specialized language or domain. Wait for a good offer and do not let that go blank. In this article I have included 5 common mistakes developers make during job search.

Applying all jobs without thinking

Never ever apply for non-relevant jobs that are not related to your skills. After all a programmer’s living is not easy, instead you have a lot to prove that you are a real programmer. This intelligent selection will keep you away from immediate back firing. Back firing means once you get a job by luck without knowing the domain of a particular company and once you are given your first work you will work like a novice and as a result you will be kick out. So never ever believe in number game of applying each job position.

Underestimating company background and work culture

Most of the companies take interest in candidates those are having bookish knowledge as well as outer world knowledge. The best way to check candidate vigilance they ask their own company related general questions and if you are not able to answer such questions sure you get few negative points. Agile candidates take a look on company website before going for interview. Do not make such mistakes to underestimate company profile.

Being a Copy-cat while preparing cover letters

Cover letters are most important thing when you apply for a job. Do not copy any part of cover letter from internet or from anywhere else. The genuine thing is always appreciated. Try to write each cover letter your own and add few words about the company too. When you send cover letters by copying from some resources there may be having some typos or you may miss some important thing in that letter. Companies will never ever revert you if they find you are a copycat.

Not putting your own efforts to search a job

In the current time you may be having your profiles on many job portals. If you are really in need of a good job just apply individually to all those jobs you are interested .Do not assume you will get job offers as you have set your profiles on github, LinkedIn, Monster or any other job portal. Candidates those approach self to companies with professional cover letters get first chance to be hired.

Not showing your eligibility for the post

Many developers make mistake only showing their skills in cover letters. It is good to have skills in many languages and various areas but if company is working on a particular technology then you must be having that particular skill to be hired. When you apply for the post first see the requirement of that post and if you fit then highlight about your eligibility about the post and it will be better if you can show your previous experience for the same position. So just shift your focus not only your own but tell how you are best fit in the company requirements.

These are the mistakes which most of the candidates do during their job searches but if you manage to not to do these mistakes and improve your skills continuously, then nobody can stop you to get the dream job of yours.

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