How To Write Cleaner Code

Write Cleaner Code

You need to write programs frequently if you are a programmer. Many people are good coder but the code in fact is hard to read and understand. They are lacking in the perfection of programming skills! It is having a proficiency in writing clear code. The clean code is appreciated by everyone as it is easy to understand and help new or other programmer to get an insight about use of different variables,  functions, loops and classes used in that particular program. Big software needs millions of lines of code and self-documented code is really vital in that case.

These are 5 ways that will help you to write quality and clean code appreciated by everyone.

Naming Conventions

The first and foremost thing is to use descriptive names of program elements .You must be having a habit to name variables and functions according to their work. If you use self-descriptive names it is easy to understand your code for anyone. Like if you name a variable as sum it is easy to know that this variable is doing aggregation.

Easy To Understand

Do not clutter your code at one place. Instead break in pieces by leaving few lines between program sentences. It will be hard to understand your program if there is a large amount of functionality is cluttered at the same place .Thus avoid keeping all the stuff at one place.

Use Whitespace

Whitespace is a better way to arrange your code at best. If you leave whitespace between program elements it is easy to guess these are two or more different elements. Code without whitespace at appropriate place is really hard to read and understand. Break your program statements in paragraphs so that it is easy to read the program.

Comment on Your Code to make it self-documenting

Adding comments to code do not require programming skills. In fact it is a good way for description of your program elements, functions and modules. They should be used at each place wherever necessary. This will help anyone to understand the use of variables and functions in your code. Comments are really useful for co-programmers those are working on the same project.

Functions & Methods

A good programmer first analyzes the program and then organizes it in parts. Functions and methods are used to break larger problems into small pieces .If you have a habit to write functions for each separate work then you are an admirable programmer. Functions are easy to understand and debug as well as make your code neat and clean.

These tips are helpful for each programmer to be able to write clean code that is easy to understand. Your fellow programmers will appreciate you and everybody will consider you as a great programmer if you follow the thumb rule to write clean code. A good developer always uses excellent coding as well as always takes care of looks of code. Simple ways to write the best code is use proper naming conventions, white spaces and add comments inside the code.

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