Why Every Professional Should Know HTML & CSS


HTML and CSS are two most important part of computer programming. These are very helpful in creating beautiful websites that can function better and look more beautiful. Computer professionals must be having sound knowledge of these two languages to get better exposure. These six reasons will tell you why you must be having sound hands on skills of HTML and CSS.

Understand the Web

HTML is used to create Web Pages. Each web page is written in this language and is formatted mostly by CSS. Thus both these go hands in hand while developing any web project. A professional needs to learn HTML to create webpage and CSS to style and format that page.

Make Business Contents

If you want to create effective emails and newsletters to your clients, you must know HTML and CSS. You can create effective and appealing business content only if you are familiar with these two technologies. Beautiful crafted emails are having more impact than plain text message. You can include beautiful business reports in these communications those are ornamented with CSS.


Animation is done today with CSS. Live and moving objects in the form of various animation styles are popular today. If you want to be an expert in creating animations that can be shared and get more attention on the Web first learn CSS. Your animations with proper CSS look elegant and leave a great impact.

Easy to use CMS (Content Management Systems)

CMS are getting enormous popularity these days. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc are used by millions of programmers in the world today. Almost all content management systems allow you to add your customized HTML or CSS code. Thus to create content with these CMS you must be having good knowledge of HTML and CSS. You can effectively apply default styles and can manipulate HTML tags for fixing layout issues as well as creating your own style content.

Customize small/WordPress site or make your site mobile friendly

In the modern time with the advancement of web technology, website creation has taken a fantastic shape. Today websites are maintained by non-programmers too due to the availability of readymade web templates. You can easily customize WordPress website if you know HTML and CSS. Today each one is having different size screen for display web content ranging from desktop, laptop, and smart phones. Thus your site must be responsive and mobile friendly to perform well on each these devices. CSS customization makes sure your website look fantastic on each sized screen it might be viewed. Knowledge of CSS is must to make mobile friendly websites.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is vital part of web development as it make possible to create more useful and beautiful web pages in order to duplicate or enhance the pre made web pages. You can make temporary changes to web pages in the real time. For example you can change text color , color of a link, or images background or borders to make the best  web page .You can do reverse engineering with web pages if you know HTML and CSS.

Thus if you want to become a valuable professional you must focus on learning HTML and CSS to achieve the best in your career.

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