Importance of Hadoop in Handling Big Data

importance of hadoop

Hadoop is an Apache creation that is really valuable in modern business operations. Due to the needs and requirements that are changing dramatically to handle Big Data, the need of smart software arises. Fortunately, Hadoop is there to handle it, and especially the unstructured data. Apache Hadoop software library is in fact a framework for handing massive data. Apache Hadoop streamlined data to be operated by many computers simultaneously using simple programming models. It makes possible to get rid of depending on hardware to provide high-availability of data. Now with the help of Hadoop, the library itself is inbuilt to create required application layer that can work with a cluster of computers.

Hadoop Community Package

Hadoop is a combination of packages. These packages are used for different purposes as well as to perform task to analyze data. The Hadoop community packages consist of following:-

  • File system and OS level abstractions
  • A MapReduce engine (either MapReduce or YARN)
  • The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • Java ARchive (JAR) files
  • Scripts needed to start Hadoop
  • Source code, documentation and a contribution section

Activities performed on Big Data

Hadoop storage method is quite unique as it uses a distributed file system. This distributed file system maps data on Hadoop servers. Dedicated tools to process data as per the requirements are also distributed. Many times to perform operations fast, these tools are installed on the same servers where the data is housed.

Hadoop performs these operations with data.

Store – It makes possible to handle Big data at best. It handles Big Data in a seamless repository. The best part is, it eliminates the need to store all data in a single physical database.

Process – The tedious process of cleansing, enriching, calculating, transforming, and running algorithms is done with seamless manner with the help of Hadoop.

Access – This awesome software handles the need of businesses to search and retrieve data easily. Thus data can be shown to outer world on the demand basis with no hurdles.

Hadoop Save money, time and efforts of organizations

Hadoop lets companies to store data in the same form, it is available. Whether the data comes in structured or unstructured format, you can be relaxed on accuracy and speed of its operations. There is no need to create relational database for your data. This way it saves efforts, time and money of organizations at a great extent.

Now no need to spend money and time configuring data in the traditional format that is relational databases. No creation of rigid tables is required now. Since Hadoop is having facility to scale easily. New data can be added to it seamlessly. This makes Hadoop a perfect platform to diagnose and process all the data coming even from multiple sources.

Hadoop benefit and usefulness is its ability to store data in the best possible way. It is cheaper than RDBMS software but is more powerful than RDBMS. The capability to store, process and access data make possible to take more decisions fast and at low cost.


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